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Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Please review the message below from Political and Legislative Director Ross Templeton.  It’s critical that each local union, apprenticeship department and member understand the threat we are facing regarding Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAP).  During a meeting yesterday with the National Apprenticeship Directors it was stated that collectively, the Building Trade members need to submit 250,000 responses to combat against the non-union who are sure to respond in favor of I.R.A.P’s.  


Please do not delay, we need your help NOW!  


Lee Worley

Executive Director of Apprenticeship & Training

Iron Workers International

1750 New York ave NW

Washington, DC 20006




All American Political and Apprenticeship Coordinators:


The Department of Labor has released its draft of the Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program IRAP rule.  It’s time to get into action and defend our apprenticeships.  Our lobbying campaign has already succeeded in delaying the rule and getting the construction exemption we want in the draft.  We can’t let up, though: the White House can remove the construction exemption from the final rule without warning.  We have to keep the pressure up.


Our first job is to educate Ironworkers and collect their comments on the rule.  The more comments we send to the Department of Labor in the coming weeks, the stronger the message we will send to the government that our apprenticeships are off limits.  Local unions need to organize comment banks, gathering ironworkers and their families together to learn about IRAPs and write comments for the Department of Labor. 


The link below has resources for locals organizing comment banks and educating members.  These pages are meant to help you build your internal program, and are not meant for social media.  We will update them throughout the campaign.


The first phase of our comment campaign will end on July 15.  By that time, every local should have conducted their first couple comment banks and be ready for more.


The most valuable comments will come from these comment banks, so read our web resources and start scheduling banks right away.  Mail and magazine articles from the International will link members to an alternative tool for online submissions once it is available, but the top focus will remain in-person comment banks at local unions.


Ross Templeton

Political and Legislative Director

International Association of Iron Workers

202-340-6502 Cell

202-383-4803 Office